Mi 10000mAh Powerbank Hits Indian Stores Priced Below Rs.1500


Mobile giant Xiaomi has introduced the India launch of the 10000 mAh powerbank, an improved and lighter version of its last year variant 10400 mAh power bank, priced under Rs.1500.

The Xiaomi 10000 mAh powerbank is made slimmer than 10400 variant with a width of the same size as the Asus ZenPower.

“We’ve just introduced our latest 10000mAh Mi Power Bank that’s 21.4% slimmer and 30% more energy dense than the 10400mAh version! This means it can fully charge a Mi Note 2.1x, and iPad 1x,” says Xiaomi in a statement.

Xiaomi move comes after OnePlus launched its 10000mAh battery power bank on Monday priced at Rs 1,399 while Asus has also unveiled its Asus ZenPower for the Indian market at Rs. 1,499 in silver, pink, blue and gold colours while the black coloured-model is slightly higher at Rs.1,599.

“Meet the latest 10000mAh #MiPowerBank! It’s 21.4% slimmer & 30% more energy dense than the 10400mAh PB. Slim, no?,” claimed Xiaomi on its Twitter message.

However, Xiaomi will face competition from rivals such as Asus and OnePlus and of course, Samsung in capturing the new segment of additional battery packs. Unless the 16000mAh version hits the market, no clear leader will emerge in this segment.

However, there are complaints on Twitter that the Mi Powerbank has faced problems due to over current issue, which is usual in India. One user by name Akhil Alex Xavier ‏@me_thealchemist posted that, “#Mi #powerbank disaster, ma #note2 and #mts net sector also got damaged while using #mipowerbank, thy told me like ovr current is the issue.”

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