(141118) -- DONETSK (UKRAINE), Nov. 18, 2014 (Xinhua) -- Workers work on the site where the MH17 plane of Malaysia Airlines crashed, on the outskirts of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, on Nov. 18, 2014. The recovery of the wreckage of flight MH17 will be completed in around five days, the Dutch Safety Board, leading the investigation into the crash in eastern Ukraine, announced on Monday. (Xinhua/Alexander Ermochenko)

MH 370: Why Did Malaysian Airlines Ask Families for DNA Samples?

Malaysian Airlines has stirred another controversy when it asked the families of the passengers to provide the samples of their DNA for what they said was for forensic records, reports said but the families are surprised as no trace of the airlines was announced so far, let alone the bodies of the passengers of the plane, which disappeared over the Indian Ocean on March 8, with 239 people on board.

DNA samples help trace the decomposed bodies of passengers and the request has stunned many of them as the raison de’ etre seems to be defeating the purpose stated merely as to “provide care and assistance” to the families affected by the MH370 tragedy.

Dangerous Lithium Batteries in Cargo?

Another latest theory suggested that the 440 pounds worth lithium batteries being carried by missing Boeing 777 in its cargo could have heated to cause a massive explosion. Citing a simulation test conducted by the US Federal Aviation Administration, reports said even a single battery heating up could result in temperatures rising up to 1,100 degrees that can cause an explosion.

If lithium batteries was the cause, the fumes from explosion may have spreaded poisonous air in to the cabin resulting in unconsciousness among the passengers and crew, suggesting the plane flew for hours on autopilot mode before crashing into the Indian Ocean.But aviation safety expert Han Weber was quoted to have brushed aside the theory as “fire suppression system should have addressed the fire.” It would have given pilots to alert passengers to put on masks or the plane would have immediately crashed into the waters than flying for hours after the incident.

World War III Move by Russia?

Meanwhile, raising World War III reference, an adventure writer said the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 could be in Kazakhstan, as part of a hijacking by Russia. Jeff Wise, also a member of the Independent Group dedicated to conduct their own investigation of the disappearance of MH370, in an article floated the theory supported with developments preceding the disappearance of the aircraft.

Just a day before, US President signed the decree to impose sanctions against Russia over Ukraine and that Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, warned that the sanctions would have a boomerang effect. Similar scenario preceded the downing of MH17 on July 16, when Obama had announced new sanctions against Russia. This time, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the new sanctions are going to be harmful to America’s national interests and the next day MH17 was shot down.

Wise, in his article titled “The Spoof” tried to draw inferences from three passengers, one Russian and two Ukrainians — Nikolai Brodsky, Oleh Chustrak and Serhei Deineka — whose purpose of travel on the missing aircraft was questionable. Moreover, both Russia and Ukraine have declined to heed Malaysia’s request to conduct background checks about its citizens aboard the missing plane.

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  1. Jeff Wise doesn’t seem to understand that every part in an airliner has a unique traceable part number and no part from MH370 turned up in the wreckage of MH17. He tarnishes his own credibility if he indulges in comic book theories like this.

    Many relatives of MH370 victims have become my friends and they are hurt by this endless child like speculation. All these theories of how to use satellite signals to track MH370 have wasted money and effort with no result. Only the wreck itself will answer why/

    Meantime three French satellites spotted a debris field of 122 floating objects on 20 March (44.52S, 90.20E) then again on 24 March by a Thai satellite (around 46.30S, 89.30E) but on 27 March the Malaysian Authorities asked for search planes to be grounded and all attempts to recover or examine these debris to be abandoned. Why would any responsible agency do that?

    None of these debris including one object (24m x 13m) twice as big as the largest shipping container and about the size of a B777 wing was recovered. They were allowed to float off east under Australia into the Pacific. Where they spotted this debris field was 475nm south of the seabed search (Sept-Dec 2014) and the winds since MH370 disappeared have been in the wrong direction for these objects to have come from the Southern Arc…. To put it bluntly they are looking in the wrong place and they have known this since March 2014.

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