MH 370 Search: Debris Found by Chinese Ship Not of Malaysia Aircraft but Rubbish

mh370-flight-mapThe search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 is ending nowhere as the hope of finding debris by Chinese ship in the area turned out to be some rubbish of fishing objects and not related to the aircraft in question.

The search area now zeroed in around southern Indian Ocean is the focus for over a week and some objects scooped out of the ocean off Western Australia are not part of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, authorities confirmed.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority ( AMSA) said a Chinese ship retrieved objects from the southern Indian Ocean on Saturday but the items are not related to the flight MH 370 and are more likely fishing objects or rubbish.

TVNZ quoted AMSA as saying early on Sunday that dashed off hopes of objects found in the search area.

Meanwhile, former Defence force chief Angus Houston has been named to co-ordinate the international search effort for the plane carrying 239 passengers and crew, which disappeared on March 8.

Retired Air Chief Marshal Houston will lead a new joint agency co-ordination centre in Perth. The search for debris from the doomed flight shifted north on Friday based on new analysis of satellite data. (IANS)

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