Massachusetts Time Capsule Disappoints, to be Reburied with New Gadgets

It was a centuries-old Time Capsule buried in Massachusetts 20 years after the start of the Revolutionary War on July 4, 1795 by then governor Samuel Adams that was opened amid fanfare 220 years later to find merely some artifacts and coins.

Though disappointing, the items in the corroded metal box include documents, newspapers, coins and artifacts symbolize the “Great Hope” of the people who were fighting colonists, insisted Massachusetts State official William Galvin. One major item worth the find was a copper medal depicting the first US President George Washington.

The capsule, a handiwork of revered silversmith Paul Revere, one of the founding fathers of modern America, was first buried under the cornerstone of the 18-century State House building — a Boston landmark — as a mark of the 20th anniversary of the start of the Revolutionary War.

It was reported that the original contents were stored in a cowhide capsule but were later transferred to a copper box in 1855. It was found last month, Dec. 2014 during the construction of an office project at the site.

Galvin said the artifacts will be transferred immediately to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts for display briefly before reburying the capsule again with modern artifacts or gadgets as a message to the future mankind.

The Samuel Adams and Paul Revere Time Capsule is the oldest time capsule to be discovered in the United States. In January 2013 a time capsule dated June 6, 1907 was found in a cornerstone of the building at 140 Oak Street, Fort Collins, Colorado.

The International Time Capsule Society estimates that there are more than 10,000 time capsules buried all over the world.


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