Marissa Mayer: Will Yahoo’s new pregnant CEO deliver results?

The 37-year-old Marissa Mayer, who was sidelined by Google’s co-founder Larry Page has marched out to rejuvenate a frail and falling tech major in the vicinity — Yahoo. But the third CEO in less than a year is beset with challenges bequethed from her five failed predecessors in the last five years.

Not merely Google but also Facebook and Microsoft will stand in her way to revive the sagging image of Yahoo, that was known to have had an archaic adage to shun new wave internet trends.

While most of her time in the month of October will be spent in the hospital owing to the birth of her new-born baby, she is bound to raise many eye-brows as the only CEO to undergo the process, while stage-managing the prospects of the age-old global tech giant.

Anyway, here is how Marissa Mayer will proceed with her brave efforts to turn around Yahoo’s prospects:

First she has to facilitate the continuation of her predecessor Ross Levinsohn and his team, which has embarked upon content innovation. As she is known for her product innovation, there is bound to be some conflict in her selection of a new team and its survival. As she is known for her micro-management, her accommodation efforts of Levinsohn’s team will be tested soon.

Secondly, she has to address the immediate challenge over hacking of Yahoo’s 450,000 accounts. though it was fixed on Tuesday, the day she took over, her long-term strategy will reveal how effective she will move in addressing this challenge and strive for continuance of content-strong interfaces like Yahoo mail and Yahoo News.

Mayer’s pledge to “inject some innovation” may see her launch social networks that yahoo failed to innovate in the past. What will it be and how far will it outpace the latest me-too products like Goolge Plus?

What will she do to implement her product-specific growth in future that can replace the content-heavy Yahoo? Ironically, she has to envisage a path that will undo her 13-year-struggle in Google to outshine Yahoo’s pioneering role in the internet. The way she engineered products like Google Maps, Local Search, Google Earth and Street View will see her innovate new products that may match or outshine her past efforts for new processes.

Her management style at Yahoo may reflect what Richard Nranson says that every company, however big it may be, should be run like a small business. With her known talent to go for intrinsic details of every product to be launched, she may be the best choice that Yahoo could get now. Unfortunately, she cannot tread the path of acquisitions as she did during her Google days. She has to opt for A-to-Z product development within Yahoo. Whether she will go for building another strong innovation team or make use of the existing weakling will be tested soon.

What Yahoo has lost in the last 10 years will have to be reversed in less than 10 months by the new CEO. Is she up to grab the opportunity?

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