‘Mardaani’ Teaches Self Defence Techniques for Our Girls

Mardaani-PosterRani Mukerjee’s woman-centric film “Mardaani” has come out of the supportive roles that her genre played in boosting the images of the three Khans in Bollywood, with rare reviews supportive of her attempt and the YRF banner’s backing to such films.

The film is centred around a woman police officer who fights to save girls from women traffickers and braces for all risks in life, with social reality as nearer to our society as possible.

More than that, Mardaani handle on Twitter has just released caricatures of self-defence for women which should go long way in avoiding “Nirbhaya” type atrocities in cities, that the country’s defence minister sees as a “small rape” incident that has dented out tourism industry in millions.

Here is the embedded tweet from the “Mardaani” handle saying, “Learn how to defend yourself with Krav Maga technique ‘Hand Grab in a mount/Rape defense’ “.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p>Learn how to defend yourself with Krav Maga technique &#39;Hand Grab in a mount/Rape defense&#39; <a href=”http://t.co/QvB3DcilVr”>pic.twitter.com/QvB3DcilVr</a></p>&mdash; Mardaani (@MardaaniTheFilm) <a href=”https://twitter.com/MardaaniTheFilm/statuses/503413930232803328″>August 24, 2014</a></blockquote>
<script async src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Otherwise, the film has received rare reviews and accolades from the male supporters than female supporters of Rani Mukerjee. Ironic, but many men still vouch for women safety and many fathers feel safe if such films instill confidence in their children.

Tracking some tweets shows the difference though. Aditya Patil, ‏@rove2mushin, writes: “Mardaani was good, what I liked was that it was focused on a single topic and stuck to it! Nice camera shots and great attention to detail!” and Neha Bisht ‏@nehabsht comments that “#Mardaani gets 4/5. Well written script, good direction,fabulous acting by #Rani, awesome background score & a hot villain #TahirBhasin.”

The difference is vivid. Men see it as an impact-filled film while the woman tweeter just see it as another good film. Adds another woman twitter The Potpourri Girl ‏@TaariniNB saying “no worries. But yea, #Mardaani is definitely worth a watch.”

Another male visitor Truly Social ‏@hautesaief says, “Mardaani was nice. Something worth watching after ages and after Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Alia Bhat’s crap.” But one woman supporter of Rani Mukherjee says it clearly — Khushboo says, “Our “Support” is always with her & Thank you for a doing a movie like “Mardaani” Rani Made all her fans proud with this attempt.” The debate goes on anyway.


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