‘Manam’ Box Office Collections cross Rs. 24 Crore in 10 Days

manam_3Akkineni family-starrer “Manam” has grossed Rs. 24.4 crore in 10 days after release worldwide, almost Rs.10 crore more than the entire budget spent on the film by the family.

More than the box office, the film “Manam” has made many cry in theatres or in their homes from Kamal Haasan to ordinary viewers in multiplexes for the superb theme based on rebirth and children paying back to their beloved parents in their current birth.

Andhraboxoffice website gives the 10-day collections region-wise as follows:

Nizam 6.85
Ceded 2.57
Vizag 1.79
East 1.01
West 0.90
Krishna 1.23
Guntur 1.23
Nellore 0.56

Nizam+AP 16.14 crore
Karnataka 1.86 crore
Rest India 0.40 crore
Overseas 6.00 crore

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