Man with electro homoeopathy degree can’t practise allopathy: Court

A Delhi court has dismissed a plea by a man holding a degree for practising electro-homoeopathy who sought the quashing of a magisterial court order that charged him with prescribing allopathic medicines without holding a medical doctor’s qualification.

The sessions court’s ruling came while hearing a revision plea filed by electro-homoeopathy practitioner C.P. Singh, seeking quashing of the magisterial court order which framed charges against him as he was found practising “modern scientific system of medicine (allopathy)” without being registered with the Delhi Medical Council (DMC).

Additional Sessions Judge Vikas Dhull said that prima facie, C.P. Singh committed the offence under section 27 (falsely assuming as a medical practitioner) of the DMC Act and the trial court rightly framed the charge against him.

“The certificate possessed by the revisionist (Singh) from any NEHM (Naturo Electro-Homoeopathic Medicos) only authorises him to practise electro-homoeopathy and it does not allow him to practice allopathy,” the court said.

It said it did not find any illegality or infirmity in the trial court order and dismissed the revision petition filed by Singh.

The court observed that the DMC Nov 3, 2006 directed him to close down his clinic and stop practising allopathy, but despite the order, Singh continued to do so.

It said Singh also admitted before it that he was not registered with the DMC.

The court noted that during the course of investigation, two witnesses said Singh prescribed allopathic medicines to sick people.

“It has come on record that revisionist (Singh) was practicing allopathy without having requisite qualification and without being registered with the DMC,” the court said in the order delivered Jan 30.

The man claimed that the magistrate erred in framing charges against him as he had a degree to practise electro-homoeopathy and, therefore, no offence has been committed.

The prosecution opposed the plea, saying only registered medical practitioners with the DMC can practise allopathy.

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