Man Fined $120 for Using Apple Watch While Driving

Hang on there if you are using your Apple Watch while driving. A Canadian man was recently fined $120 (around Rs 7, 600) for being on his Apple Watch as he was driving.

Jeffery Macesin was left surprised and shocked when he was pulled over by a traffic policeman in Montreal, Quebec and was ticketed $120. According to CTV News, Macesin was using the watch to change the song without knowing that this act of his could cost him a bomb.

“I have it in the bag charging while the auxiliary cable is plugged in to the radio and this controls my phone to play the music. So I was changing songs with my hand on the steering wheel”, Macesin told the Canadian news channel. He also had four points added to his driving license.

He said that he saw the police car following him and he thought it wanted some space go forward. The police reasoned that the highway safety code in Quebec does not allow anyone using a handheld device that has a telephone function while driving. This was introduced so as to discourage people from using their smartphone while driving and reduce the number of people texting while driving as well as talking on their phones while driving a road vehicle.

Macesin, however, remains of the opinion that the Apple Watch does not in fact include a telephone function, but instead technology that creates a connection to a smartphone similar to a wireless Bluetooth headset. “It’s not so much handheld. It’s a watch,” he told CTV. “You know, it’s on my wrist. That’s where it gets controversial,” Macesin said.

Bluetooth devices are allowed for use while driving. It is often assumed that the driver will not use their smartphones. So, all the Apple Watch users now know that they operate the device while driving they might meet the same fate as Macesin…at least in Canada.

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