President Barack Obama, National Turkey Federation Chairman Gary Cooper; and son Cole Cooper participate in the annual National Thanksgiving Turkey pardon ceremony in the Grand Foyer of the White House, Nov. 26, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy) (by Pete Souza)

Malia Obama Tops Social Media Hits of 2014 As NFL Player Reposts Her Tight Jeans Photo

US President Barack Obama’s 16-year-old daughter Malia is turning into a star herself with millions of fans visitng her photo on Instagram posted this week with sticking jeans and a smiling face that is more natural and loving than her father’s.

More than the photo, it was her following that made many news outlets compare her photo with TV reality star Kim Kardashian’s nude picture on the cover page of Paper magazine.

This month alone, Malia’s three pictures went viral on the social media, while one GOP staffer was fired from the job and an NFL player, whose comment may cost him dearer soon.

The player, Darnell Dockett, of the Arizona Cardinals, who said, “Omggg” on an image of Malia wearing tight jeans that emphasises her rear end curves, posted by dreday_4 on Instagram, padded it up reposting it with his snidy remark: “LmFaooo” or “laughing my f- – – – ass off.”

Resigned: Elizabeth Lauten has stepped down as communications director for Rep Stephen Fincher after writing this (left) diatribe against Malia and Sasha Obama on Thanksgiving, slamming their attire and attitudeObama’s daughters and his wife were often attacked by critics and it is no strange thing for the first family of the US. Recently, Republican ex-Communications chief Elizabeth Lauten criticised Malia and Obama’s younger daughter Sasha for wearing short skirts at a White House Thanksgiving event saying it was “lacking class” but she found herself in a bigger soup and had to quit.

Similarly, thousands of fans of Malia took to social media bringing the notorious past of Dockett as a teenager accused of shoplifting and overspeeding. Finding the repercussion reaching its peak, Dockett immediately removed the photo with the caption and said: “I never said anything about the presidents daughter ‘not one thing.'”

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