Malayalam Playback Singer Radhika Thilak Passes Away; Top 5 Songs to Remember

Malayalam playback singer Radhika Thilak passed away on Sunday, 20 September. The singer was battling cancer for one-and-a half years and an infection worsened her condition, which led to her sudden demise.

Thilak died far too, at the age of 45 she is now survived by her husband Suresh and daughter Devika.

Thilak performed extensively on stage, she has sung more than 70 songs for Malayalam film industry as well as devotional songs.

Radhika Thilak will be remembered forever as one of the most talented star, who didn’t get opportunity to be as celebrated as fellow artists like Chitra and others.

Many celebrities and politicians were shocked to hear the death of the singer. Many of them took micro-blogging site twitter to offer their condolences.

Here are top five songs by Radhika Thilak:

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