Malayalam Actress ‘Molested in Moving Car’; No End to Cab Drivers’ Crime?

Representational Picture: Indian women, working women, actresses, girl students and who else? Indian cab and auto drivers wreaking havoc?

Actresses are seen as objects of entertainment in any film industry and Malayalam film industry is no exception but in fact, pioneer in blue-films trend in the 1970s.

The latest alleged abduction and molestation of a leading Malayalam actress in a moving car for two hours near Kochi late on Friday night reveals the sordid state of affairs in film industry in the country.

While the driver who reportedly connived with ex-driver and perpetuated the crime is a shocking incident that the police cannot just prosecute the case and file an FIR but seek an end to this crime against women from school kids to famous actresses.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said,“All of them have been identified. Such an attack should not have happened against a woman and it is a matter of grave concern.”

The modus operandi is pre-mediated with an accident and the night-time has provided them the easy escape route from the public. The assailants forcibly took her photographs to be used as blackmail in future.

The incident has shaken the entire film industry in India and the time has come for cleansing not merely the film industry but also the drivers who are increasingly becoming a menace in every city, whether auto drivers or cab drivers or even personal drivers. Something that should be studied by sociologists and psychologists to find a long-term solution to the glaring reflection of criminal mentality among the vehicle drivers.

There is also need to monitor all the drivers with behavioural tracking to stem the crime in our society and the centre and the state governments should move in this direction of revamping the norms of drivers for all vehicles to ensure that the innocent citizens are not made prey to their criminal mindset.

The remarks on social media are equally appalling. When the case was initially reported as molestation, one comment read that he would have used the opportunity to rape her instead of molesting. This is the voyeuristic behaviour of a degenerated society. We cannot claim to be modern nation with this mindset.

We have to put an end to feudal mindset still lurking in every male in our society. Until then, Nirbhaya remains merely the first such case that shook the psyche of the nation’s capital with thousands which followed elsewhere.

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