Malala invites Modi, Sharif to Nobel Ceremony; says ‘Work Together’ for Indo-Pak Peace

The youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to the award ceremony where she and India’s Kailash Satyarthi would receive the prestigious honour, in the Norwegian capital Oslo for the award ceremony in December, on Saturday.

While Indo-Pak border tensions still remains to be continued, Malala said, "I myself requested that honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and honourable Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif both join us." Satyarthi and Malala have agreed to work jointly to build "strong relations" between India and Pakistan in the midst of growing tensions along the border.

Malala declared, "We will work together and try to build strong relations" between the countries and said that it was "really disappointing" that India and Pakistan were engaged in confrontation. She said, "We want to have good relations…I really believe in peace."

Though the 17-year-old Malala has invited the leaders of the countries for the ceremony, the leaders haven’t yet responded to the invitation if they would be attending theaward ceremony on December 10.

Meanwhile, when congratulating Nobel Peace Prize winners Satyarthi and Malala, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said he hopes that the award will inspire India and Pakistan to work sincerely for the cause of peace.

Over a decade ago, in 1993, the Nobel Peace Prize was shared between Nelson Mandela and Frederik Willem de Klerk, "for their work for the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime, and for laying the foundations for a new democratic South Africa."

While the prestigious award is being shared between the countries, the border firing tensions are still on. After nine days of intense firing, the border witnesses a silence on Friday. There was reportedly no major firing or shelling either on Thursday night or Friday.

Though there were firing and heavy shelling till Thursday, the border seems to be in peace for the last two days. According to a BSF spokesman, "As Pakistan did not continue firing, we too kept our guns silent. As I have said earlier, we only retaliate."

During the nine days of ceasefire violations, at least eight people have been killed, over 90 people were reported to be injured and thousands had fled from their homes to safer places.

Since 1947, the ‘Hindu India’ and ‘Muslim Pakistan’ had dispute over Kashmir, which has been one of the world’s violent conflicts. However, with the strained relation due to the border tensions over nine days, the situation does not throw lights on how Indo-Pak relation will continue. The question of the relationship remains uncertain on whether it will end up with peace or would continue the enmity.

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