Mahesh Babu Tops McAfee ‘Most Sensational Celebrity’ List 2014, Prabhas, Pawan Kalyan, Jr NTR, Ravi Teja Follow

The annual study of the most sensational celebrity undertaken by McAfee in 2014 pointed out that Telugu actor Mahesh Babu topped the list with 65 infected results followed by Prabhas with 64 and Jr NTR with 62 and Pawan Kalyan at 59 while Ravi Teja is 5th at 58.

Though McAfee study reflects the popularity of the actor, it shows actually the risk involved when fans search for Mahesh Babu as the search results throw up malicious websites which may dupe the visitors and glean into their personal information and even inject virus into their systems online.

McAfee’s survey highlights show the criminals lure celebrites’ fans to sites loaded with malware, which in turn allows them to steal passwords and personal information, without their knowledge. This year’s top search terms which were targeted for malicious downloads include ‘celebrity name’ with terms like ‘wallpaper’, ‘videos’, ‘free download’, ‘hot pictures’, ‘selfie’ and ‘internet memes’, most of them showing malware-laden sites.

The top 5 Telugu film actors whose name followed such malicious attacks online include Mahesh Babu on top with his latest film "Aagadu" taking Twitter by a storm. His name throws up 65 infected malicious sites, according to the McAfee Most Sensational Celebrity List.

Second in the list was Prabhas, whose fans go crazy with his new photos leaked online about his upcoming film "Baahubali". His name search leads to 64 infected or malicious websites. Close behind him was Jr NTR and his latest film "Rabhasa" with its popular song ‘RaakasiRaakasi’ with 62 inffected sites.

Fourth but more famous than others, Pawan Kalyan’s photo that was morphed on a Rs. 50 note went viral online and he ranks at fourth position with 59 malicious sites to his name. Finally, Ravi Teja comes in fifth with 58 malware-ridden sites.

This time Samantha Prabhu did not figure on top while Kajol too faced less malicious diversions online.

The caution from McAfee was that the users should never give out information – credit card, email, home address, Facebook login, or other information – to grant access to an exclusive story about their favourite actor or actress.

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