Maggi Row: Bachchan, Madhuri, Preity Face Notice, What’s Next?

The extensive testing results revealed by the Maggi authorities say, "No excess lead" in maggi Noodles.

"We understand that consumers are concerned by the reports, that the Uttar Pradesh have found elevated levels of lead in a sample pack of Maggi Noodles. We are fully cooperating with the authorities who are conducting the tests and we are awaiting their results," said a statement made by Nestle, who owns brand Maggi.

The authorities also revealed that they have submitted samples of Maggi Noodles from about 600 product batches to an external laboratory for independent analysis. Besides, 1,000 batches have been tested at Nestle’s accredited laboratory.

All the internal and external tests made so far have revealed that the the lead level present in the Maggi is within the limits specified by food regulation and these results have been shared with the authorities, said Maggi reiterating that its Maggi Noodles are safe and edible.

The authorites added, "We remain committed to continuing to improve the quality of agricultural raw materials across the food chain working with farmers, suppliers, authorities and the food industry to ensure food safety…

The quality and safety of our products are the top priorities for our company," Maggi added.

Now that the tests are positive in many labs, even the Brand Ambassadors who had shunned to come out openly are now rallying behind the Brand Maggi Noodles. Here are some former brand ambassadors’ views including the Madhuri Dixit, who is its current ambassador:

"Nestle has reassured me that they adhere to stringent testing for quality and safety and are working with the authorities closely," tweeted Madhuri Dixit.

Three bollywood celebrities Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta have so far endorsed Maggi at different times in the past and now all of them are in the soup as they have received notices from the district court in Muzaffarpur along with Nestle Managing Director Mohan Gupta and Joint Director Sabab Alam.

Now the interesting part of the controversy is how could these celebrities ensure that the product they are endorsing is authentic or harmless?

When authorities who provide licenses after expert checks cannot determine the veracity of a product in the long run, how can these general ambassadors of the product know the technical aspects of the product?

It has been decades since people are consuming Maggi Noodles and it has become part of their daily meal. If Maggi Noodles is considered to be harmful then what about Coca Cola?

Coca Cola is more harmful compared to Maggi Noodles. In fact, Coca Cola affects the people living in and around the factory where it is manufactured.

If arresting Brand Ambassodors or filing a petition against them is the norm, then most of our celebrities from movie stars, sports persons, models and singers would be seen behind the bars soon.

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