Maggi Moves Bombay High Court, What to Expect in Hearing Today

maggiMaggi Noodles maker Nestle has moved the Mombay High Court seeking redressal against the ban imposed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s (FSSAI), though simultaneously it is recalling all its varieties of Maggi noodles from the market.

The FSSAI ban has spread to Nepal, UK and even the US to consider the feasibility of ban while Singapore has brushed aside India’s over-reactive decision and the test outcome, giving the company a sigh of relief to fight it out in the court.

Today’s hearing will make it clear whether the multinational food company has a point when it says the lead content and MSG in its noodles are within the permissible levels, while FSSAI prosecutors will argue against the food brand citing their results from several batches of Maggi noodles all over the country.

FSSAI said analysis of the reports showed that 3 violations — presence of lead in excess of the permissible level of 2.5 ppm, misleading label of “No added MSG”, and release of “Maggi Oats Masala Noodles with Tastemaker” without official approval.

While Nestle is expected to argue that the lead was within limits or as per the market norm and secondly, it may feign ignorance on <SG label as many others do the same and thirdly, the Oat Noodles had been launched at a time when the advisory dated 11.5.2013 (on the subject of product approvals) had been stayed by the Court.

Since noodles became popular in India with Maggi brand, the only way the company can defend the case is citing the Singapore contention as noodles is essentially a Chinese food and if it could meet the standards of Singapore, a rule-sticking-nation, then there is some merit in its India product too.

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