Madison Square Live: Packed 20,000 Indians Greet as Modi Addresses in Hindi

madisonsquareThe Indian American Community Foundation (IACF) public reception at Madison Square where Prime Minister narednra Modi is addressing more than 30,000 NRIs and Indian origin Americans on Sunday was kicked off with host of cultural events. Watch it liveĀ on Doordashan at 8.30 p.m. IST today and for those in AP Etv AP is showing it live.

More than 18,000 tickets have been distributed freely and the rest sold to fill the 20,000-capacity venue and those who could not get tickets can see the telecast live on big screens outside the venue, or at at Times Square.

However, “the Prime Minister has been keeping Navratra fast for four decades and this year will be no different. We have told him that keeping his busy schedule in the US in mind, he should ideally have some lime juice or vitamin water, but he hasn’t said yes or no to us,” the PMO said.

The renowned violinist L Shankar perofrmed at the Madison Square prior to Modi’s address. Billionaire Vivek Ranadive’s daughter Anjali gets to sing the US national anthem, while playback singer Kavita Krishnamurthy will sing the Indian anthem.

21:45 IST: As Modi entered the Madison Square, the audience cheered him saying “Modi, Modi” and the prime minister with a namaste to them.

21:45 IST: The US national anthem by Anjali is repeated again as Modi stood in attention with Indian and American leaders near him. While the Americans held their hands next to their hearts as is the tradition, he stood in attention.

21:46 IST: Indian national anthem goes on air as the focus of flood lights are seen on Modi’s face. The Indian tricolour was seen on big tv screens inside and outside the Madison Square.

21:49 IST: Modi begins his speech after taking sip of water. He begins thanking Indians in his Hindi speech. He addressed not only those present but also those watching the program on TV and on Internet.

21:50: Modi opens speech greeting all Indians on the occasion of Navratri and it may be recalled that he is on fast due to the Navratri days. He said it was a lucky coincidence that he was visiting the US during these auspicious days.

21:53: He thanked Indians, especially those in IT, for their contribution in changing India’s image which was great. Otherwise, India would have remained a serpant-playing nation. Now they play with mouse )computer) to make the world play to their tune, he said.

21:55: Though many of you would not have voted, you would not have slept when the result of elections were announced. he thanked those who came all the way from the US and participated in BJP’s electioneering during the Lok Sabha elections.

21:59: For the first after 30 years, a government in India was formed with full majority and the election result is far from any political pundit’s estimates. Every villager has made Indian opinion known from these elections.

22:00: But winning elections is a responsibility, said Modi. “We will not let you down. We will fulfil all your expectations. Those who want to come back to India should return immediately, hinting at the progress India is making. Many Indians are convinced about India’s century that is 21st century.

22:08: India is the world’s youngest nation with the oldest tradition, a wonderful combination. About 65% population are youngsters and whose fingers are often placed on computers.

22:10: India will progress very fast now with the help of these youngsters. Let’s recognise our 3 strengths before the world and mobilize them — they are: Democracy, Dedication and Demand. With these India will progress and prosper.

22:12: Referring to America, it was the place where all the world people came and settled but Indians are settled in every nook and corner of the world.

22:16: Good Governance is the key. Recalling Gandhiji’s means to make India independent, he tried to incorporate every effort and every work with the struggle for independence, whether it is sweeping, helping people or providing food, it was attached to the independence struggle. That’s how he involved all Indians into the freedom struggle. Similarly, we would do.

22:23: By 2020, the world will be full of aged population and India with its young population fills the gap.



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