Love Harmone Oxytocin Helps Reduce Weight Too

Love harmone oxytocin will be the saviour for millions of people who are obese and wish to reduce their weight significantly to lead a normal life.

Harvard Medical School researchers have found that oxytocin-based nasal spray could reduce appetite among a small number of people it studied and wants to undertake a biger trial now.

Essentially, researchers found that oxytocin, which women crave for, is helpful to reduce calories among men who consumed fatty foods. The harmone is secreted by the pituitary gland when a person is involved in cuddling, or having sex.

ObesityAmong women, it is released in high quantities during the time of giving birth or during the breast-feeding stage.

As noted, the study was small and conducted on 25 men aged about 27 years who were given a a synthetic nasal formulation of oxytocin or a placebo. Out of them, 13 were of normal weight and 12 are obese.

They were asked to self-administer the nasal spray one hour before a heavy breakfast, double the size of their order. When they were tested for their intake after food, men who took oxytocin spray consumed 122 calories less on average. Their fatty food was 9 fewer fat grams or 80 fewer calories from the fatty food.

With results showing promie for a bigger study, Harvard researchers are gearing up for their next study on a bigger sample. If it proves right, then there will be more males thin in size oggling at women in the future.

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