Live life queen size: 104 year-old-woman undergoes hip surgery

If you think old means the end of life, you’re absolutely wrong. As goes the saying “if there’s a will there’s a way,” a 104-year-old woman underwent a complicated hip replacement surgery, as reported by IANS.


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Mateshwari Devi of Greater Noida, who suffered a fracture in her hip that directed to traumatic arthritis, underwent the surgery in Jaypee hospital on Sunday.

She became the oldest person on earth to go through a complex surgery like hip replacement after she endured a fracture, owing to a fall, which directed to traumatic arthritis of her hip joints consequently. In fact, the complexity extended to a situation where the pain expanded to her full backside, causing her to stay entirely bedridden.

Eventual tests showed that the ball joint in her hip had broken, making it touch the socket that caused arthritis. After she was taken to Jaypee hospital, doctors recommended hip replacement as the only cure of her situation.

Sanjay Gupta who is the joint replacement surgeon at Jaypee hospital said that before the surgery, they performed “whole body examination and review by cardiologist, chest physician and nephrologists to ensure safety.”

Medical science says that joint replacement surgeries at this age could cause organ failure. Adding to this known fact, Gupta and his team took more security while doing the surgery as Devi held a medical history of bronchial asthma that eventually could have escorted to organ failure.

Gupta added that “it was a bit challenging” for them to settle on the decision of doing the surgery, owing “to the age of the patient and especially to convince her relatives.”

Anshumali Chaudhary, the anesthetist of the hospital who anesthetized Devi said that processing anesthesia to Devi was very risky because she suffered from kidney issues, elevated level of thyroid hormones and curtailing of backbone. “But these things were controlled somehow,” she added.

Narendra Singh, the 65-year-old son of Devi said that his desire to see his mother “back in a good condition” compelled him to take the risk.

He added that it was “very difficult” for him to persuade himself and his family for the surgery. “We are happy that we took the right decision,” he further added.

As soon as Narendra gave the green signal the team of doctors performed the surgery on Devi that occurred in the last week of June. And within five days, Devi commenced to make movements without anyone’s assistance.

The surgery cost Rs. 2.22 lakh.

In a report by the Times of India (TOI), it is said that Devi was born in 1911 and has five children – Lilawati, Shushila, Narendra Singh, Phulwati and Bindu.

The same report said that Devi’s family has no plans of contesting in the Guinness World Records, currently.

Edith Dewhurst from Greater Manchester, England is the oldest living person on earth to have a hip replacement surgery, as per Guinness World Records. He was 103 at the time of the operation.

Prior to Dewhurst, John Lawrence Randall, also known as “Laurie” was the oldest person to undergo this surgery at the age of 102. He was from Yorkshire, also from England.

Mateshwari Devi is now unofficially the oldest person to have had this surgery and could become official if her family agrees to contest in the Guinness World Record.

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