Listening to Mozart, Heart Blends, No Blood Pressure, Finds German Study

Come Mozart, heart blends and how can you expect it to go hyper? That is precisely what a study from the University Bochum in Germany showcased in its recent comparative research of the classical music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss II vis-a-vis Abba of the 1980s.

They corraborated how Mozart’s music can reduce blood lipid concentration, blood pressure and heart rate, some of the benefits observed in people. “It’s been known for centuries that music has an effect on human beings,” said authors in a study published in the German journal Deutsches Ärzteblatt International. “In antiquity, music was used to improve performance in athletes during the Olympic Games.”

The researchers have divided 120 person in two groups and recorded their cortisol concentration, blood pressure and heart rate before listening to the music, after listening to the music. One group was given to listen to Mozart or J. Strauss Jr. and ABBA.

The other 60 people in the second group were not asked to listen to any music but to read silently. Those who listened to the music of Mozart and Strauss showed a considerable decrease in their blood pressure and heart rate. Those who listened to ABBA had more or same blood pressure at the end.

In another comparison of those who spent reading in silence and those who listened to Mozart or Strauss, the gap is relatively visible as those who read book recorded slightly lower BP but hose in the other music group recorded a higher decrease in their BP, said the researchers. In all, clasical music leads to a lower blood cortisol level, said researchers.

In terms of women listeners to the music, the decrease in their blood pressure is relatively less than men who listened to the same music. Music provides greater health benefits than silence, asserted researchers in their conclusion.

The Mozart family c. 1780. The portrait on the wall is of Mozart’s mother. (Wikipedia)

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