LINE Claims 30 million Indians as its Users, total 600 Mln

lineLINE, popular in Japan as a messaging application like Whatsapp, has more than 30 million users in India, more than 200% compared to its last year claim of reaching 10 million users.

The app, released in India in June 2013, saw heavy advertising on TV channels and the company claims there are more than 600 million users all over the world.

In its bid to capture the Indian market, LINE is seizing more users in India and its India spokesperson Damandeep Singh Soni said the firm will be partnering with Groupon and Jabong to offer special deals and discounts to users in India.

LINE, which has recently released stand-alone iPad app, seeks to become the number one messaging service. A Japanese proprietary application for instant messaging on smartphones and personal computers, Line users can exchange text messages, graphics, video and audio media, make free VoIP calls, and hold free audio or video conferences.

It was launched in Japan as a response to Tōhoku earthquake in March 2011 when telecommunications was damaged. The employees at NHN Japan, a unit of Korea’s NHN Corp, started it as an Internet-based resources to communicate.
Later, NHN Japan released Line for public use in June 2011, where it reached 100 million users within 18 months and 200 million users 6 months later. It is Japan’s largest social network currently.

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