Lights add drama to WIFW during Earth Hour

The clock struck 8.30 p.m Saturday – it was the Earth Hour – but lights continued to be turned on at the venue of the glitzy and glamorous Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) autumn-winter 2014. FDCI president Sunil Sethi however said the design fraternity is all for the cause.

The fashion gala is being held at Pragati Maidan, and the venue is divided into two main show areas, an exhibition area and various lounge areas.

On day four of WIFW, organised by the Fashion Design Council of India, a show was scheduled to begin at 8.15 p.m. People waited eagerly to catch the show, and after a wait of over 30 minutes, Aneeth Arora of péro label presented her autumn-winter line.

The stage was set in such a way that it reminded people of freshly cleared snow-laden roads. A few lamp posts near the ramp made the set up more dramatic.

The lights flickered initially, but soon, they intensified as spotlights on the models who trickled in.

They showcased Arora’s creations, which consisted of woollen red-checkered jacket, lamb wool dress, woollen top and pashmina top and more.

Asked by IANS why the event didn’t observe Earth Hour, a global environmental campaign observed on a pre-decided day and hour in March every year, Sethi said: “When the show is on, lights are off. There are only a few of them focussed on the models and you see you don’t want people tripping.

“We are for the Earth Hour. We observed it last time but if it is during a show, we don’t have an option because there is a backstage and there are people getting make-up done.”

As part of commitment to the planet, people are asked to switch off lights for an hour on Earth Hour.

Sethi said they observed the the event partly.

“We didn’t want any accidents to happen…Unfortunately, in the middle of the show, you can’t observe Earth Hour. We have tried to do it in different parts (of the venue)…like in lounges, we switched off the lights, so we feel our conscience is clear. We have done our bit,” he added. (IANS)

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