LG Launches world’s ultra-light laptop ‘Gram 15’

LG Electronics has launched its latest laptop ‘Gram 15’ in the lineup of ultra-light Gram series that weighs only 1,390 grams, with 15.6 inch screen to cater the segment of students and businessman who are always on the go.

Moving away from the current 15-inch display laptops which weigh heavily and end up as desk tops, LG has made its latest model Gram 15 or 15Z950, the third product in the gram series, the lightest laptop and even showcases the certificate issued by the Korea Record Institute.

The Gram 15 uses ultra-light technology and refined ultra-slim design from earlier versions of the Gram Series, said LG Electronics. It uses a magnesium external cover to strengthen the product with lightweight.

The new Gram 15 notebook from LG.

The laptop runs on the Intel 5G CPU, and its graphics and multitasking performance is 20 percent faster than the existing 4G CPUs, said LG.

With its high-density battery that lasts 10.5 hours, or almost the travel time from Korean airport Incheon to Los Angeles. The Gram 15 also comes with Wolfson Hi-Fi audio for high-quality sound.

Hur Jae-cheol of LG Electronics said, “Existing laptops with screens bigger than 15 inches were less portable and often end up as desktops. Since the Gram 15 has a large screen and is lightweight, it will be useful for not only students but also office workers, who go on a lot of business trips.”

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