‘Let Modi Focus on Legacy of RSS not Congress Leaders’: Digvijay Singh

A day after Congress leaders as well as BJP leaders have commemorated and paid their tributes to India’s first Prime Minister on his 125th birth anniversary, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh said, Modi should better focus on RSS than trying to claim the legacy of Gandhi, Nehru and Patel.

While addressing people at a function, Singh reportedly said, Singh said, "Modi should focus on RSS and not on Gandhi, Nehru and Patel." Pointing fingers to the acceptance of NCP’s support for the party in Maharashtra, he has alleged the party as hungry party. He said, "BJP can go to any extreme for power."

Though Modi was in his 3-Nation tour, he has tweeted on his micro blogging site remembering Nehru’s efforts and his role as PM, "Today we mark the 125th birth anniversary of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. My tributes to him. We remember Pandit Nehru’s efforts during the freedom struggle and his role as the first Prime Minister of India."

Meanwhile, during his interaction with children at Queensland University of Technology, Modi has said, "I am fortunate to be among children on Chacha Nehru’s birthday."

Amid the tussle between BJP and Congress regarding Nehru’s legacy, Congress had criticised the Modi government, alleging that the party had ignored late PM Indira Gandhi’s martyrdom day while it celebrated Sardar Vallavbhai Patel’s birthday on October 31.

On Nehru’s day, while Congress had kick-started the celebrations of event by conducting rallies in Delhi, the BJP government had declared that the activities to be initiated on Nehru’s day will ‘connect’ Nehru with the masses.

Congress has slammed the Modi government alleging that the government has less concentrated on real development, giving more prominence to photo opportunities. The party claimed that the BJP-led NDA government is trying to destroy Nehru’s legacy.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that Nehru’s vision was liberal, democratic and aimed at the creation and consolidation of a united India. She said, "There is an attempt to destroy values,thought process on the basis of which Nehru had built this nation."

However, recalling Nehru’s love towards children, Modi government had organised a nationwide cleanliness drive to schools in the name of “Bal Swachhta Mission.” The launch of the campaign on Friday has marked the celebration of Nehru’s 125th birth anniversary as well as Children’s day.

Modi has also looked into Nehru’s aims and efforts of developing science and technology as well as building scientific institutions in the country. As per reports, Modi has also said that programmes would be launched to spread scientific temper amongst people as a tribute to Nehru.

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