Lenovo Wakes Up, Releases Tool to Remove Adware Superfish on Laptops

Amid growing complaints and bad reporting, Chinese PC maker Lenovo on Friday released a tool to remove the dangerous Superfish adware that come pre-installed in Lenovo laptops. The revelation came from Errata, a security researcher that showed how the adware could be used by hackers to get details of your personal banking details.

To download the Lenovo Superfish removal tool, click HERE or paste the link http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/product_security/superfish_uninstall. Once it is downloaded, it will run without any installation. Lenovo has released the Super fish removal tool as an open source and the source code has been given on on the developer website Github for future improvements.

Robert Graham, CEO of Atlanta-based Errata Security, had earlier raised concerns over the security vulnerability of  the Superfish adware on Lenovo laptops. he said, “This example proves that this exploit is practical, not merely theoretical, as claimed by the Lenovo CTO.”

Surprisingly, Graham used a Raspberry Pi 2, a minicomputer that costs just $35, a $10 Wi-Fi adapter and a microSD card, to build a computer device and demonstrated how the Superfish adware can give hackers to get into the Bank of America website using a fictitious name.

A screenshot showing how the Superfish adware hijacks an online banking session. Credit: Robert Graham


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