Leave Earth Rhetoric: Why Stephen Hawking is Wrong This Time?

World renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, in a BBC program, has warned Earthlings to leave the mother planet in 100 years or face extinction, a doomsday prophecy that the mankind is destined to face repeatedly.

His warning in a forthcoming BBC documentary – Expedition New Earth – to be aired this summer on BBC Two channel, comes when the humanity is geared up for any eventuality on our own known Earth than an unknown outer planet.Black & White photo of Hawking at NASA.

The BBC program, made in partnership with The Open University, under the banner Tomorrow’s World may be titillating with Hawking’s warning. Defending the program, BBC’s director-general Tony Hall said, “We’ve come together behind a simple, and very bold ambition – to equip all of us with the knowledge and understanding we need to make sense of our lives and the future. Whether it’s the rise of robotics or the demise of antibiotics, travelling to Mars or the arrival of 3D printed food, science is changing the world at an extraordinary pace.”

Besides Hawking, BBC has roped in two new experts — Prof Danielle George, who teaches radio frequency engineering at the University of Manchester, and Christophe Galfard, a student of Hawking. The idea of travelling across the stars for new Earth is exciting but 100 years is too short and it may take not just 100 but 1000 years per se to leave the mother Earth.

Humanity is already accustomed to half-a-century-old talk on climate change and another decade-old asteroid disaster prophecy, which can be averted with the invention of new technology. Already space agencies across the world are working on possible asteroid diversion or mid-air destruction of an approaching asteroid.

In fact, Stephen Hawking has been in the forefront to launch Breakthrough Initiatives, an effort to search for extraterrestrial life in 2015 with a Russian billionnaire. He may even accept Richard Branson’s offer to get aboard the Virgin Galactic spaceship for free, set for launch late this year. Essentially, Hawking’s warning comes 900 years ahead of time.

In 2011, at Google’s Zeitgeist Conference, he said “philosophy is dead” as philosophers “have not kept up with modern developments in science.” If he really believes in it, then scientists can prove him wrong with possible alternatives to make the Earth worth living than flee in next 100 years.


  1. Stephen Hawking is bringing the mad scientists out of the closet, the kind who want to find a devastaging apocalyptic solution for population control. Indeed, his announcement begs the question of forced mass population control.

    Hawking is a dangerous man.

  2. We can’t leave the Earth. Even if we find an Earth-like planet in the next 100 years — and I think we probably won’t — we couldn’t get there as it would probably be 100’s of light years away. Hawking is such a nincompoop.

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