Leaders Commemorate Nehru on His Big Day amid BJP-Congress War

After stirring up controversies on the legacy of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s 125th Birth Anniversary for a week long, both parties, BJP as well as Congress, commemorated the great former PM on Friday.

While Congress has kick-started the celebrations of event by conducting rallies in Delhi, the BJP government has declared that the activities to be initiated on Nehru’s day will ‘connect’ Nehru with the masses.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in his 10-day nation trip, even in his busy schedules, Modi recalled and paid his tribute to Nehru.

During his interaction with children at Queensland University of Technology, Modi said, "I am fortunate to be among children on Chacha Nehru’s birthday."

However, ahead of the celebrations, Congress has slammed the Modi government alleging that the government has less concentrated on real development, giving more prominence to photo opportunities. The party claimed that the BJP-led NDA government is trying to destroy Nehru’s legacy.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that Nehru’s vision was liberal, democratic and aimed at the creation and consolidation of a united India. She said, "There is an attempt to destroy values,thought process on the basis of which Nehru had built this nation."

Attacking the Modi government, Rahul Gandhi said, “Today, the angry people who run the country want to ban English to promote Hindi.”

“On the one hand, they pick up brooms so that they can have photo-ops while on the other they spread venom in the form of communal hatred. Only the Congress can fight and defeat the hatemongers running the country these days.”

Meanwhile, Sonia Gandhi mentioned that if Nehru was alive, he would have asked them to go to the people, to establish a better connection with them and to strengthen the organisation. “But let our critics know that our party has existed for over a hundred years and will continue to since we take inspiration from our forefathers,” she added.

However, recalling Nehru’s love towards children, Modi government has organised to launch the nationwide cleanliness drive to schools in the name of “Bal Swachhta Mission.” The launch of the campaign will mark celebration of Nehru’s 125th birth anniversary as well as Children’s day.

Modi has also looked into Nehru’s aims and efforts of developing science and technology as well as building scientific institutions in the country. As per reports, Modi has also said that programmes would be launched to spread scientific temper amongst people as a tribute to Nehru.

Meanwhile, some of the decisions that had been reportedly taken and approved by the early committee during the UPA rule have also discussed in the meeting with Modi. They are, as per reports, a website for launched for Nehru, which will be hosted and managed by the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML), Rs 10 crore grant for the uplift and upgradation of the same and creation of a grant for scholars engaging in research on Nehru.

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