‘Lead’ in Maggi Noodles then and ‘Larvae’ in Nestle Milk Powder Now

Amid the Maggi Noodles controversy, Nestle has run out of luck as another case was filed against them as larvae was found in the Milk powder NAN PRO-3 in Tamil Nadu.

According to Nestle’s website, NAN Pro-3 is a premium nutritional milk supplement with Bifidus BL, a beneficial bacteria, designed for toddlers from one year of age.

NAN Pro 3 helps to support toddler’s digestive and immune systems. For hygiene and convenience, it is available in a packaging format with a separate storage area for the scoop.

The Nestle made a statement saying, "We are aware of media reports that a consumer in India has reported finding live larvae in a package of our NAN PRO-3 follow up milk. We have not been contacted by the consumer or the authorities in relation to this matter."

The company stated that it has in place strict food quality and safety procedures, including pest control and quality checks at every stage of manufacturing and storage process.

Nestle said with confidence that their manufacturing technology excludes the possibility of insects living and surviving in the sealed package in which the product is sold. "Shortly before the package is sealed, any remaining oxygen is completely removed as part of the manufacturing process to maintain the product’s freshness and nutritional value," it noted while the nuances will be
decided by experts and authorities over a period of time.

"The quality and safety of our product are the top priorities. We always take such reports seriously and we are making every effort to obtain the information we need in order to investigate this consumer complaint," Nestle added.

The lead in the Maggi Noodles was found in Uttar Pradesh initially and now larvae is found in Nestle’s milk powder in Tamil Nadu.

The surprising element is that Nestle being a highly regarded top company in the world, such issues with its products in a row will cost the company dearly in the future.

The shares of Nestle have taken a plunge on Monday by 10% and are currently trading at Rs. 6,457.60, compared to its previous close of Rs. 6,803.25 and is rapidly declining.

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