Latest WhatsApp Material Design UI Update Gives Clearer and Smoother Look

Just when you think you are done with WhatsApp updates, the messaging service rolls out another set of updates. This time it was Material Design user interface as it keeps its pace with Google’s latest guidelines.

The new update (build version 2.12.84), available on Google Play Store, is solely focused on design changes rather than functionality. Last month, WhatsApp released build version 2.12.38 with Material Design for Android which only available on the company’s website.

First glaring change a user will notice is the dull grey colour on top of the main screen been replaced by a refined dark green (teal-ish) tone in WhatsApp. Then the size of top bar is increased compared to the prior one. As the user scrolls down the menu bar collapses giving it a clearer look. The taskbar is merged with the Calls, Chats and Contacts tabs.whatsappMajor changes have been on ‘WhatsApp Call’. The teal-ish shade fills up the background and focus is kept on the caller’s name. The increased font and the exclusion of the vivid green “WhatsApp Call”-bar gives it a more refined look.

The chat conversation appears as a speech bubble and the microphone feature gets a separate icon. This is a small but good change as users would often accidentally click on the speaker option while pressing ‘enter’ to send messages.

The attachment icons have been tweaked to make it colorful, bigger and brighter. Emojis on WhatsApp are vast in numbers, so no work is done in adding extra of them. However, the palette of the emojis look bigger and clearer and the background has a lighter color. The latest version of WhatsApp has an emoji tray in a lighter shade of grey as opposed to black in the previous one.

The overall change in the design shows that the messaging service company is giving a serious thought about the product’s looks. The new update sure does goes easy on the eyes and is smoother to use.

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