LalitGate: After Sushma, Lalit Modi Drags Vasundhara Raje Now, Who’s Next?

p7The entire episode of Lalit Modi, who is on a light blue corner notice by the Indian Enforcement Directorate for economic offences committed in the country, has taken a strange angle with Vasundhara Raje angle creeping now.

As the government is busy trying to shield Sushma Swaraj, foregin affairs minister who intervened and bailed out Lalit Modi, who is in London to go to Portugal for his wife’s cancer operation, some documents purportedly sent by his PR team to Times Now show that the scandal is bigger than they thought.

Whether by mistake or intent, Instead, one document int the 250-page documents sent by the PR team of Lalit Modi show that Vasundhara Raje supported Lalit Modi’s stay in the United Kingdom, on the condition that it be kept secret from the Indian officials.

Her clandestine support to Lalit Modi’s immigration application has come as a shocking revelation making the scandal bigger, with two senior-most women leaders under radar of the public scrutiny. More intriguing fact is that she denied a video linked witness during the hearing of the UK authorities terming it “risky”.

So, the entire case of Lalit Modi is taking sudden twists and the Times Now, which is spearheading the revelations saga embarrassing the BJP government, that was acknowledged by the Congress media spokesman who demanded the resignation of both women immediately.

Ironical but these papers have been sent out by Lalit Modi’s PR team, perhaps promising to send more to bring into limelight more, openly blackmailing the leaders. Essentially, the man who refuses to return home and face FEMA violations and tax evasion is bringing in into a game plan and the exposure brings out two key aspects of our political decay.

These clandestine deals reveal that there is no political ideology that deters leaders to help fugitives crossing across the party lines. Secondly, money and manipulations are as much part of all the major parties in power and out of power.


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