Lalit Modi: Past Imperfect, Present Risky?

Lalit Modi’s past is coming into focus faster than expected and as a sophomore at Duke University in North California, he was arrested and charged with drug possession and kidnapping a teenager.

The documents unearthed by American Bazaar reveal that he was arrested for drug possession and kidnapping and unlawfully restraining a 16-year-old. He pleaded guilty to charges for violation of North Carolina General Statutes 14-39 for kidnapping Alexander Van Dyne.

The kidnapping charge stated that Modi “by unlawfully confining him (Dyne), restraining him, and removing him from one place to another without his consent and for the purpose of doing serious bodily injury to him and terrorizing him. Alexander Van Dyne was seriously injured and said kidnapping was committed in violation of N.C.G.S. 14-39."

In addition, he pleaded guilty to another charge of possessing more than permissble amount of schedule II Controlled Substance, Cocaine. He was given a suspended two-year sentence and 300 hours of community or reparation service.

Later, he moved on to set up a 10-year joint venture with Walt Disney Pictures in 1993, called Modi Entertainment Networks (MEN), to telecast Disney’s content in India, including Fashion TV that ran into trouble with Sushma Swaraj, then Information and Broadcasting Minister briefly banning it.

However, his IPL venture won him success, detractors and security threats which he cites as reason not to return home.

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