Lalbatti Culture Kills Teenager in Gaya, Land of Buddha

The land of Buddha is trembling with the Lalbatti (VIP Racism) culture taking toll of a teenager who overtook the vehicle in which not the VIP, JD(U) leader Manorama Devi, but her son Rocky was travelling.

The victim, a Class 12 student who had written his exams last month and awaiting results sometime this month, will never get to see them as he was shot dead for overtaking the VIP car, an SUV Range Rover. Wife of JD(U) strongman Bindi Yadav, Manorama Devi is a member of Bihar Legislative Council.

The teenager victim of the growing VIP Racism or “intolerance to common man” in Bihar, that too in Gaya, where Buddha once preached non-violence, is a showcase of highhanded behaviour of strongmen in the area, that no political leader dares to stop, leave alone police officials or the district administrators.

Moreover, such violent incidents will dent the reputation of Bihar, keeping away Buddhist tourists from visiting the place, known for non-Buddhist violent culture and VIP racism.

Identified as Aditya Sachdeva, the victim was a son of a businessman who had appeared for his class 12 exams, and awaiting the results this month. He was travelling in a car with his friend and they overtook the VIP car of Manorama Devi of Janata Dal (United) on Saturday night for which he was shot dead and killed instantly.

Aditya’s friend told the police that Rocky and his bodyguard opened fire at them when they crossed the vehicle. “Soon after we overtook their Range Rover, they started firing in the air and made us stop. Then they forced us to get out of the car and started punching us. When we tried to leave the spot, someone fired and my friend got hit. I saw a security guard in the car”, said Ayush.

Now that Bihar is back with Nitesh Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav, the culture of strongmen ruining the lives of common men in Bihar is also back. The VIP Racism cannot stop unless Lord Buddha himself is born again to make this land peaceful.

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