Kohli: The fresh air for Team India

Waking up from their abysmal performance in Test cricket, India is geared up to strike back with Virat Kohli as the new Test captain.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, popularly known as ‘Captain Cool’ to his fans, pulled out his gloves in December, last year, by retiring as the Test captain in the middle of the India and Australia series.

Team India’s performance was one of the worst shows in recent years in the series, letting its fans down all around the globe. It lacked coordination, cooperation and the ‘never give up’ mentality that they are known for.

Looking to bring back their original essence in the team, Kohli told ESPNcricinfo, “I strongly want to see the Indian team dominate for at least five to six years.”

He added that the team certainly has the ‘talent,’ and ‘ability’ and everything depends on how one can manage and keep them together.

Putting his trust on his team, he said: “I want to create strong bonds. I want to create strong friendships in this unit.”

Kohli who was the only Indian player to shine in the disastrous tour of Australia in December 2014, firmly believes in the presence of unity in the team.

In the same interview to ESPNcricinfo, he said: “We live 250-280 days a year together so I want to create such an atmosphere where in the next ten years watching it from outside you would get to know this team is a united team. This team is a strongly knit unit. They want to play for each other. They don’t want to play for themselves. That is my vision.”

In India’s tour of Australia, Kohli had scored 692 runs in four tests.

Putting forward the idea of bad times being a gateway to good times, he said: “Bad times will come but it makes you want to look forward to the good times that lie ahead, as well as appreciate the good times that you have had in your life and career. Respect the bad times when they come and not be broken by it.”

Kohli is all set to resume charges as the Test captain of India with the upcoming India’s tour of Bangladesh later this month.

According to a report by The Express Tribune, he has termed Ravi Shastri, the director of the team to be an ‘amazing person to have around.’

In the same report, he added: “He is a guy who does not shy away from responsibility. He is someone who takes the blows on the chin. He keeps moving forward.”

With Harbhajan Singh returning as the off spinner for the only test left in the India-Bangladesh series, and Bangladesh looking to come out of their underdog status, it is only a matter of time to see how the young Kohli turns things around for Team Blue.

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