Activists shout slogans during a demonstration against `Kiss of Love` near RSS office. (IANS)

Kiss of Love Organises ‘7 Day Constitution Recital and Banana Offering’ Campaign

The Kiss of Love activists come up with a new way to protest, “7 Day Constitution recital and Banana offering” campaign against the Hanuman Sena, who created violence in the “Kiss in the Street” campaign that was held in Kozhikode on Sunday.

The city has witnessed widespread protest and violence, which paved the way for police to arrest activists of both groups, Kiss of Love and Hanuman Sena. Hanuman Sena is a group formed recently with the aim of threatening real estate businessmen. According to a police official, “Only a handful of people work for the organization and they are mainly involved in criminal activities.”

On Thursday, in the official facebook page of Kiss of Love, it has been posted that the sena has not only harassed the protesters but also the common man. The post added, “Let’s hope they have returned to their natural habitat. Though they were violent in the streets of Calicut, we are concerned if they are still hungry. So we decided we send them banana so that in case they are hungry, human blood can be spared and we all can walk free. Since it is the sangh-parivar who have either metamorphosed or manifested as “Hanuman Sena” (literally translates as monkey army) we address this banana campaign to them.”

The post has received warm response from the people, extending their support to the “campaign.” Meanwhile, the post has also given an address, saying people to feel free to send a banana to the given address.

In connection with the recent protest held in the city, Calicut police Commissioner A.V George has stated that, it is not the responsibility of the police to protect the protesters from the monkey army. However, the activists have expressed their disappointment to his statement. Criticising his statement, it has been written in the post that except George, everyone else, who know the constitution of India, knows he is wrong.

The post added, “We decided we send him landmark judicial verdicts and relevant sections of the Indian constitution which guarantees freedom of expression and upholds the fundamental rights of the citizens.” It also provided a link, where the post said that the material and the cover letters are available. Also, it has provided an address and asked the activists to “make a copy and send it.”

However, the controversial protest against moral policing is now seem to be spreading across Kerala, as it has now already declared the next campaign will be held in Alappuzha and Wayanad during the first week of January.


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