Students indulge in public display of affection during "Kiss of Love." (IANS)

Kiss of Love: Actor Shobana Reacts – ‘You Will Not Want Your Daughter to Do This’

Actor Shobana expressed her strong disapproval over the Kiss of Love protest that has been taking place across the country for the past months. She reacted to the issue on Monday, after the protest in Kozhikode witnessed the violence between the Kiss of Love activists and the “Hanuman Sena” on Sunday.

She said, “I don’t know why they are doing it? It is a very personal matter and a personal issue. Now, you might say that it’s okay but in hearts of hearts you will not want your daughter to do this.”

On Sunday, being named as “Kiss in the Street,” Kiss of Love was held in different streets of Kozhikode. While the campaign paved the way for protests and violence, police have arrested activists of both groups, Kiss of Love and Hanuman Sena.

As per reports, Hanuman Sena is a group formed recently with the aim of threatening real estate businessmen. A police official reportedly said,”Only a handful of people work for the organization and they are mainly involved in criminal activities.”

Meanwhile, mentioning that there is a fear among people to speak the truth on issues such as “Kiss of Love,” Shobana said that none has said what they want from this protest. She said, “Nobody is actually saying what they really want to. And, if somebody says something, then someone else distorts the statements and hence there is fear among people to say the truth.”

On the contrary, Actor Joy Mathew, who is a native of Kozhikode and a supporter of Kiss of Love has reacted to the situation saying, “I used to be proud about being a native of Kozhikkode but now all the monkeys have unleashed themselves spoiling the image of the city. If it was buffalos in Kochi it is the Hanumans and Sugreevas who are on the rampage here.” Also, he said that he would stay put in his homeland despite all this despicable episodes.

However, the controversial protest against moral policing is now seem to be spreading across Kerala, as it is already declared the next campaign will be held in Alappuzha and Wayanad during the first week of January.

In the official facebook page of Kiss in the Street, a statement said, “This protest is going to be a success. Love is marching against all Powers, against all atrocities and kiss is raising flags. This protest must lead to a success, because this is a Protest.”

The “Kiss of Love” event was an after effect of the vandalism of the Downtown Cafe restaurant in Kozhikode. The state has witnessed widespread protests against the act of ‘moral policing’ after the activists of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha destroyed the restaurant claiming ‘immoral activities’ were encouraged in the cafe. The youth wing of BJP has destructed the hotel after a local channel aired some video footage alleging the restaurant promotes immoral activities.

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