Kim Jong-un’s Leg Fracture Leads to Wild Speculations World Wide

kim-jong-unThe global media was agogue over the last one month when North Korean leader Kim Jong-un failed to turn out for major official functions leading to wild speculations from his imminet bed-ridden life to his close aides taking over the reins of power to his sister ruling in proxy and finally rumours of remorse towards South Korea when unscheduled delegation visited Seoul.

Finally the truth has emerged that the North Korean leader had a fall and injured his leg and requires three months to heal, which happens only when there is a fracture. Even this news attributed to an unnamed and unidentified source may lead to milder speculations now but the truth is that Kim Jong-un must be having his last laugh over how the world media goes gaga over his ill-helath. If he had officially acknowledged the injury version, it would have found no space in the world media but the communist nation’s rulers know how to circumvent the truth and keep other on toes always.

Quoting the source who has access to the Beijing leadership, the version for now is clear that “Kim Jong Un is in total control… There is no split in the top leadership… He injured his ankle and knee around late August or early September … because he is overweight. He limped around in the beginning but the injury worsened.”

Resting speculation for at least 100 days, the source was quoted to have said, “He has difficulty walking and needs about 100 days to recuperate.”

Rubbishing rumours about his death in a coup, the source was further quoted to have said: “The DPRK is absolutely stable, a lot more stable than in the past… Rumours about a coup and that Kim Jong Un is dead are rubbish.” This unequivocal rebuttal of all speculations comes in the wake of highly provoking report appearing in the global media.

But this what North Korea wants as rightly pointed out by a researcher to CNN. “To the DPRK, perceived confusion and chaos, both domestically and internationally, by the international community is exactly what North Korea wants,” said Jasper Kim, founder of Asia-Pacific Global Research Group. “It increases the risk profile of the country from the perspective of the U.S., South Korea, China, and other players, increasing the stakes of the negotiation game.”

That’s why Pyong Yang is ready to hold talks with seoul and the delegation made it clear when they said: “Let’s Talk”. The brouhaha around the entire wild speculation has openly paved the way for serious talks now. Even Japan has jumped into the game of talks as Tokyo is more than happy when North Korea said it would provide information on missing Japanese nationals.

The message from Pyongyang is clear. Leave alone the US and Western powers, let’s talk with Asians. Secondly, the North Korean delegation at the United Nations went overboard to please the media about its human rights record coupled with the hints at removal of sanctions to make it return to the table for negotiations. Who’s buying the theory now?

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