Kerala Congress Upset Over Shashi Tharoor’s Friendly Words for Modi

The Kerala Congress’ leaders will submit a report to the party high command for Shashi Tharoor praising and supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking suitable actions in the matter on Wednesday.

Shashi Tharoor has hurt party workers by his "constant adulation" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said Kerala Congress’ leaders. Tharoor was earlier warned to stop praising Modi by Kerala Congress leaders and has told that he may face disciplinary actions.
After a meeting with Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala, the Kerala Congress Chief VM Sudheeran said, "There have been repeated instances of Shashi Tharoor being seen as appreciative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has hurt party workers’ sentiment. We are sending a detailed report to the party high command and will wait for their decision." Sudheeran said that they have to ensure that such remarks are not repeated.
Sudheeran has mentioned that Tharoor’s support for Modi had hurt Congress and UDF workers who worked sincerely and tirelessly for his victory in the Thiruvananthapuram Lok Sabha constituency. He expressed his displeasure, saying, "Tharoor has praised Modi on several occasions. This has hurt the sentiments of the Congress and UDF workers who have put up hard work for Tharoor’s victory in the Lok Sabha polls.”
Meanwhile, he added, "Kerala is a state that has rejected the BJP completely. This is mainly due to the democratic and secular outlook of the people. They also want Congress to be strengthened further. Tharoor has wounded their sentiments."
However, when he was asked about the talks about him trying to get close with BJP, Tharoor commented that it is completely ridiculous. He said, “I reject it completely."
Tharoor had responded positively to Modi’s invitation to join the ambitious "Clean India Campaign" and said that he was honoured to accept the invitation to join the campaign.
Criticising Tharoor indirectly, in an article in the Congress daily "Veekshnam" said, "Holy cows that cannot stand one election defeat, how long will they last with the Congress party? In the present drought of the Congress, the disappointed ones must have been attracted to the prosperity and reign of the BJP."
Adding, it said, "After having enjoyed the privileges of the Congress party, instead of allowing the paramour to enter through the back door, it is better to go out with the paramour through the front door."

However, Tharoor has stated in his tweets, "I am a proud Congressman and a proud Indian. In short: not pro-BJP, just pro-India!"

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