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LG G4, G4 Stylus Prices Slashed Ahead of Festive Season

LGG4Keeping Festival season in mind LG has played a master stroke by a massive cut on its 2015 flagship G4 and G4 Stylus.

In June LG launched LG G4 for Rs 51,000, the handset now made available for Rs 40,000(for the ceramic white variant) and Rs 45,000 (for the Leather back variant). The mid-range G4 Stylus will be priced at Rs 21,000. Earlier, G4 Stylus was launched for Rs 24,990.

The new prices are in immediate effect, as the LG hopes to attarct both high-end and mid-buyers.

However, there has been no such tactics by well-established companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony and others. This changing in price may be a wise move by the company.

Recently, OnePlus has also launched its flagship killer of 2016 OnePlus 2 but the phone has already crossed two million bookings online and now you have to wait way too long to get you hands on it.

The other competition for LG G4 are Sony Xperia Z3+, Samsung Galaxy S6 and OnePlus 2.

LG G4 comes with a 5.5-inch LCD QHD with 2560×1440 display. It has 3GB RAM, 3000mAh battery and powered with Snapdragon 808.

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  1. Any senbsible person should not buy LG products, especially washing machines. We bought WD 80290 NP in Bangalore and see that they never mention the product even int their catalogue, forget about registering it for repair. Despite repeated calls, nobody comes to repair it even. This is the pathetic condition of LG service after sales in cities. This happens only in India. Very poor customer service, very poor response and they don’t deserve to be in the country. Will they provide such poor service in the US or Korea?

    Nevery buy LG products.

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