Kate Middleton Pregnancy Surges Her Popularity; Irks Other Royals

kate-middletonKate Middleton was at the centre of media glare ever since her marriage into the British Royalty but unlike other Cinderellas of her yolk, she remained as popular as her initial day for her fashionable dress and mannerism. Now  that she is pregnant again, it will stir the entire global media up on their feet for 8 more months of constant  blaze and buzz about her daily updates, eclipsing her own husband or even the reigning Queen Elizabeth.

More than her husband Prince William and future king Prince Charles or Queen Elizabeth, it was other royal duchess dignitaries who are reportedly upset over undue attention being given to Kate Middleton, a modern day Cinderealla for the British. Camilla Parker-Bowles and wife of Prince Charles is among those, with Princess Eugenie in toe who has been irked over the pregnancy-related popularity, reports gossip website CelebdirtyLaundry. They reportedly “insulted Kate” for being good at making babies, it said quoting unconfirmed sources.

Often, they have reportedly referred her as “Commoner Kate” who is only good at “breeding and birthing more heirs to the throne.” The website, further quoting sources said, the two royals also blamed Kate for barging into the royal family with her “excellent fame game”, instead of striving hard for it as others did.

Kate Middleton has begun veering away the glory that was left behind by her mother-in-law Princess Diana so meticulously that she soon pushed away Camilla Parker-Bowles and Princess Eugenie from the limelight and the media coverage reached skies when she was pregnant first time and gave birth to Prince George. But her popularity never failed to dim but speculation over her next pregnancy began to charm the commoners, whose Priness was Kate Middleton. True to their expectations amidst never-ending rumours, she became pregnant again the final communique from the Clarence House confirming her second pregnancy boosted her image again.

But rumours never die about Kate Middleton whether she is pregnant or not. Prior to her first pregnancy, her wardrobe slips made the press go viral with her coverage while her move away from London gave fodder to them to speculate possible fight with the Queen at some functions. The never-ending game finally saw a robust finale with the second pregnancy coming true and keeping other rumours at rest for some time at least.

While her health is taking the centre-stage now, her pregnancy sickness (Hyperemesis Gravidarum), a type of morning sickness, continues and she was advised by her doctors to cancel her Malta tour, which the Duke of Cambridge will attend. In fact, her illness has already forced her to miss several pre-designated public appearances including the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games. Some reports said her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, had to cancel his 30th birthday bash due to her illness.

Kate Middleton’s Malta tour was timed to coincide with the island nation’s 50th independence day anniversary celebrations, where she was to participate in several functions, including a visit to the national library.

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