Kashmir Border Fire: “Indian troops have frequently violated ceasefire,” says Pakistan Media

While violation of ceasefire continues by killing and injuring many in the borders, Pakistan media claimed that Indian troops have violated the LoC in the border. According to the media reports in Pakistan, “Indian troops have frequently violated ceasefire.”
After the continuous ceasefire violations, Pakistani rangers still fires bullets and mortar shells in Jammu and Kashmir injuring many more people along the international border on Tuesday overnight. 40 border outposts, villages and four sub-sectors have been targeted by the Pakistani troops and twenty people are reportedly injured.
The media reports of Pakistan say that last week Indian forces have started ‘unprovoked firing’ and heavy shelling in Charwa and Bedori Sectors near Bagh. Also, reported that on July 23, Indian troops have violated the working boundary in Shakargarh Sector, where a civilian was killed in the incident. Adding, on July 20, another man was killed in Mirajke after the Indian Border Security Force opened fire.

However, according to reports, a police official said, "Four Army soldiers were injured in Pakistan firing on the LoC in Poonch district, one BSF trooper and 15 civilians were injured in firing by Pakistan Rangers on the international border in Jammu district during the night.” He added that they have started firing again at BSF positions and civilian areas in Hira Nagar sector of the border in Kathua district on Wednesday morning.
Meanwhile, in a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday by Advisor to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz, he said, “For seven days now, the Indian security forces have been firing and shelling across the Line of Control and Working Boundary. Monday, was Eid day but the Indian forces, in complete disregard of the festive event, carried on the fire and put four innocent lives to death.”
“It is sad that the Indian government has not been able to restrain its forces despite strong diplomatic protest by Pakistan. We call upon Indian government to immediately cease fire and shelling and help us preserve tranquility.”
Aziz said in the statement that though they offered friendship to India, the Indian side has shunned all peace overtures. “We also extended a hand of friendship to India. However, with abrupt cancellation of Foreign Secretary level talks, the Indian side has shunned all our peace overtures. We hope that the Indian side would give peace a chance,” he said, adding, “We have often called for making full use of the channels available like hotline between DGs MO and Sector Commanders’ meetings. Unfortunately, all our efforts to secure peace and tranquility on the Line of Control and the Work Boundary have elicited no cooperation from the Indian side.”
According to a report, when BSF officers say that Pakistani forces have intensified attacks on Indian border posts in a desperate bid to give cover to Islamist militants, trying to sneak into Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah denied the same and said that the real reason for the turmoil on the border was the internal situation in Pakistan.
While the border issue gets stronger and spread fear, thousands of residents are forced to flee to safer place from both the countries. 20,000 people are considered to be fled from their homes till time.

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