Kamal Nath okays Regional Rapid Transit System for Delhi suburbs

Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath has approved “in-principle” the proposal of Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) in three important corridors in the National Capital Region -- Delhi-Gurgaon-Alwar, Delhi-Sonepat-Panipat and Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut. 

Nath directed the NCR Planning Board(NCRPB) to examine funding mechanisms like transit-oriented development potential, monetization of land and PPP model for implementing these capital-intensive projects. He said high speed connectivity between the regional centres of NCR and Delhi will make the distance shorter and allow regional towns to capture the economic impulse and density generated by Delhi. 

He said the RRTS should be eventually integrated with the Delhi Metro. The faster connectivity will reduce pressure on the National Capital’s infrastructure by opening up the region including regional housing market.

The Minister stressed that in order to achieve the rationale of creation of NCR in 1985, it would be necessary to focus on the sub-urbanization process and infrastructure development outside Delhi to enable other areas of NCR to absorb the load on the capital’s resources. 

Accordingly, he said NCRPB should take lead in planning and developing greenfield townships on these transport corridors in partnership with the concerned state governments and directed NCRPB to explore the possibility of drawing from world-class experiences and best practices with the help of technical assistance from the World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The minister while reviewing the NCR Regional Plan-2021 proposals regarding regional-level land use and settlement policies emphasized on the implementation aspect and said that the NCRPB should be more pro-active in enforcing the policies prescribed in the Regional and Functional Plans as these have been finalized in consultation with the participating states and have been agreed to by the highest levels in the state since the Chief Ministers of all the participating states are members of the NCR Board. 

He said adherence of these policies by various central and state implementing agencies and NCRPB’s active role in enforcing them is necessary, if we are to avoid haphazard developments and achieve harmonized and balanced development of the National Capital Region.

Kamal Nath, who is also the Chairman of the National Capital Region Planning Board was reviewing the implementation status of the plans and proposals relating to the NCR on Thursday, November 3, in Delhi. The meeting was attended by the Secreatry (UD), Govt. of India, Chief Secretary, GNCT of Delhi, the Vice-chairman, DDA, Member Secretary, NCRPB and other senior officials of central and participating states.

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