Kamal Haasan Mourns Robin Williams’ Death; Entire Bollywood Mourns

Bollywood and Tamil industry actor and director Kamal Haasan, whose “Chachi 420”, replica of Robin Williams “Mrs. Doubtfire”, expressed his shock at the suddden death of the Hollywood actor who he said revolutionized the role of men in movies and brought dignity to male crying.

Hours after Robin Williams’ death news reached social media, he said, “If the alleged story about his suicide is true then I dislike him for ending his life before his due date of expiry. That’s a copout that I don’t expect of an artist of his calibre. Same applies to my Indian idol Guru Dutt.”

Kamal Haasan said all the comedians should be credited as “critics of society”, whose role has brought to life semblance of repentence to enemies of society.

“They have masked their anger with humour, constantly maintaining a funny facade leads to depression. Robin Williams’ true nature is being quick to tears. You can see it in his films,” he said.

“He could have never become a star in the 1960’s, for American film heroes were too scared to cry on screen. The Vietnam War changed the American psyche,” Kamal said

“Rambo was the first popular action hero to show panic cry and scream in fear. Robin Williams brought dignity to male crying. I like him for his talent,” he said in a statement.

Here is a YouTube video on Bollywood reactions:

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