Kachiguda to Tirupati Double Decker Train started Today

Double Decker bus from Kachiguda to TurupatToday morning officially Double decker bus from Kachiguda to Tirupati has started today, 14 May.

Announced officially that Kacheguda-Tirupati double decker superfast express will leave from Kacheguda at 06:45 am every Wednesday and Saturday and reach  Tirupati at 06:15 pm in the evening . Again in the return journey, it will leave from Tirupati at 05:45 am every Thursday and Sunday and reach Kacheguda at 05:15 pm.

This train to Tirupati is highly convenient to people as Tirupati is a world famaous pilgim place and people from all over the world  visit this place. This is a good initiative from the Railways department to start with.

On Tuesday, Double decker bus from Kachiguda to guntur started and passengers were thrilled to travel in this train.

Kacheguda-Guntur AC double decker superfast express will depart from Kacheguda at 05:30 am every Tuesday and Friday and arrive in Guntur at 10:40 am.

Aagin in return journey, the train will depart from Guntur at 12:45 pm every Tuesday and Friday and arrive in Kacheguda at 05:55 pm. This is very convenient for people and they expressed their happiness with the train and its timing schedule.

The colour scheme with bright yellow and red colour and interiors attracted passengers and felt great comfort.

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