Kabali Video Leaked Ahead of Release?


Kabali trailer in Telugu lacks the baritone of the actor and may disappoint his fans in Telugu-speaking states.

Several videos are being circulated on online showing few minutes of scenes from Kabali featuring Rajanikanth, slated for official release today in theatres all over the world.

A two minute video shows Rajnikanth released from a Malaysian prison, which it claimed was an opening scene of Kabali for those vying for the movie eagerly this morning.

It is also said the movie is available for download on dark web and in India already the license of 169 registered Internet Service Providers has been restrained from illegal downloads of Kabali.

Meanwhile, some theatres are reportedly selling the ticket for Rs 800 and above, prompting a writ petition in courts.

However, unless the film makes more than Rs 500 crore, it will not be beating the record of Bahubali earnings in the country. Rajinikanth’s previous film Enthiran (2010) earned Rs.290 crore, making it a record in Tamil.

holds the record for being the Tamil film with the hightest box office collection worldwide, earning around Rs 290 crore.

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