Kabali trailer in Telugu lacks the baritone of the actor and may disappoint his fans in Telugu-speaking states.

Kabali TV Trailer in Telugu Fails to Entice Viewers, Why?

Kabali, unlike Rajinikanth’s other dubbed movies in Telugu, lacks the baritone the actor is famous for and the TV ad clearly comes a notch down making it one of the most disappointing dubbings ever done for the hero, whose ‘Robo’ was last received with immense popularity.

The Tamil film of Kabali is based on a novel story of a gangster, written and directed by Pa. Ranjith. Besides Rajinikanth as Kabali, Taiwanese actor Winston Chao, Bollywood heroine Radhika Apte, Dhansika, Dinesh Ravi, Kalaiyarasan, and John Vijay are featured in major roles.kabali4
Set for release on Friday, July 22, 2016, the film has already been booked full in all Chennai and Bangalore theatres and multiplexes though Hyderabad is yet to respond full-fledged owing partly to poor dubbing of the trailer being shown on TV now. Here are some interesting facts about Kabali, the film of Rajinikanth:

— The film mostly shot in Malaysia, has some scenes shot in Bangkok and Hong Kong too.

— Kabali is expected to be released in Tamil, with dubbed versions in Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam.

— The film will be released in Singapore and Indonesia as it was shot there mostly and huge Tamil populations live in these two nations.


— Malik Streams Productions and Distribution of Malaysian will release the film in Malay.

— The film will also be dubbed in Thai and Chinese, with plans to release of the film in Hong Kong and China.
— Kabali will also premiere at the Le Grand Rex in Paris, France.

— Jaya TV was given the satellite rights of the film.

— The Malaysian airline, AirAsia has become the official partner for Kabali and some of its fleet were painted with Kabali theme.kabali3

— The NBFC Muthoot FinCorp has become official partner of the film to produce silver coins embossed with the image of Rajinikanth as Kabali.

— The trailer, released in April 2016 went viral and more than 5 million views were registered within 24 hours and so far it has garnered 26,129,670 views, making it one of the most watched Indian film teasers.


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