Kabali Movie Review: Great Soul in Search of Peace Ends in Violence

kabali4KABALI – Tamil with dubbing in Hindi and Telugu.

CAST: Rajiniknath, Radhika Apte, Dhansikaa, Kishore, Dinesh and Winston Chao
RATING: ****


What does an aged don do after getting out of prison 25 Years later? See Rajinikanth’s new “Kabali” with no extra vigour or valour but for the omnipresence of the Tamil legend whose films make money at the box office before they are even released.

As known before the release, Rajinikanth emerges out of a Malaysian prison after spending 25 years in prison and the flashback reveals the backdrop of the film while in current context he wages a war against the nemesis and erstwhile enemies.

Director Pa Ranjith has combined the previous don films of Rajinikanth like Basha with Kamal Haasan’s Nayakudu, to make the film a pure masala meant for crazy fans of the Tamil super hero with bits of emotion thrown in for those eager to watch the film on their TV sets at home.

Tony Lee (Winston Chao) and Veera (Kishore) play the baddies while his Madras team of Dinesh, Kalaiyarasan and Rythvika try to do justification for their inclusion in the film. Rajinikanth’s heroines are a class apart and as expected Radhika Apte has a decent and dignified role with Dhanshika and John Vijay playing their scripted roles effectively.

So, the question is when the don tries to find out his erstwhile pregnant wife 25 years later, the emotional outburst fails to impress the viewers with the ultra modern fighting scenes dominating the film throughout. What is lost in the film is solace and perhaps this is the reason why the actor has remained in the US after completion of the film, instead of heading to his usual destination in Himalayas.

However, the film is meant for Rajini fans and no ‘Aam Aadmi’ should cherish to fit in their seats until the third week.

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