Justin Bieber Poses Nude in Bathtub for ‘#beliebers’, Showing Off Plenty of Gold

Bieber in Nude for Fans? (Photo: https://shots.com/justinbieber/p/stsdaywk)

Bieber in Nude for Fans? (Photo: https://shots.com/justinbieber/p/stsdaywk)

Singer Justin Bieber, who was off the social media for long, has decided to pace up for his fans with a nude selfie of himself soaking in a bath tub with just bubbles covering his modesty and his beard.

The 20-year-old posted the intimate snap on an online platform Wednesday. It shows the “Baby” hitmaker naked in the tub. The picture in Shots received 151,146 likes so far. With a bubble bath beard for the picture, Bieber also wrote: “I do this for you #beliebers”.

The picture, posted on social networking site Shots, shows the Beauty And The Beat singer soaking in water naked with just a thin layer of bubbles protecting his body.

More than that the picture shows off his wealth wearing plenty of gold, heavy bracelets on both hands and numerous gold chains with pendants around the neck.

Otherwise, he was spotted on Wednesday night without his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez in Vancouver, eating a quiet dinner alone at an an Indian restaurant.


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