Justice Denied, JNU Dwindles into Dark Hole

jnuIt was 30 years ago when a DTC 615 bus was abruptly stopped at Munirka and goons entered the bus asking “Are You from JNU?” and kicked all those who said yes and those who resembled even slightly as a student, including a friend and classmate of Nirmala Seetharaman, currently the BJP minister.

Now that three decades have passed by, things have not changed. Munirka villagers stage protests outside JNU campus over the so-called Afzal Guru incident. Despite Delhi government’s probe, there is no safety for JNU students, especially with the Delhi Police becoming mute witness to such organised attacks.

On Monday, three days after JNUSU president was arrested and a host of JNU students were declared wanted by the police, the scene at Patiala Courts resembled what could be the situation if you are from JNU. All those journalists and students or some teachers from JNU sitting at Patiala courts were jostled when some goons started asking whether they are from JNU.
“Are you from JNU?”. They grabbed people they assumed were from JNU and started beating them up unprovoked. “I am not from JNU but just because I look like one with my jacket, they beat me up,” said one person, as per NDTV report. Soon, some lawyers too joined them. In case of one journalist who resembled a typical JNU student, it was Hobson’s choice for indiscriminate thrashing.

The scene was repeated today, Wednesday despite Supreme Court’s orders. The incident in Patiala Courts reveals how justice is denied based on collective reaction of horribly misled mob chasing an innocent student leader’s throat.

The Supreme Court is the country’s highest judicial and constitutional body assuring the last ray of hope for every affected citizen, including the son of a poor mother striving to sustain with Rs.3,000 ($50) she earns per month. The mistake of Kanhaiya Kumar was that he happened to be elected JNUSU President defeating an ABVP (affiliate of ruling BJP) candidate recently.

But all directions of the world’s largest democracy’s apex court went in vain on Wednesday when JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar was brazenly jostled around and even thumped by a man wearing goggles who sat next to him inside the court. Had he possessed a gun, he would have easily harmed the student leader as Delhi Police chose to allow such perpetrators, despite Supreme Court’s orders.

It this could happen to JNUSU leader today, it is dreadful to think that it could happen to anybody tomorrow. Very often innocent victims bear the brunt of mobocracy. Those harping on ill-found video evidence have failed to spare a moment to realize that anti-sloganeering was done by others and outsiders and not the JNUSU leader, who swore by the Constitution repeatedly on all TV channels and before the media throughout the 10-day saga. Instead of resorting to a gruelling task of finding the real culprits, Delhi Police has quickly found an easy target to pursue a sensational case.

If anti-social elements are there in JNU, how did the intelligence people fail to find it out in the past? Above all, based on a fake social media account, the home minister links the incident to a terrorist in Pakistan, making the country a target of ridicule in the eyes of the world community. Yes, we were victims of cross-border terrorism many times in the past but linking even a small campus incident to outside the country is self-defeating.

Leaving it aside, with one stroke, ABVP has brought down the image of JNU and its alumni down in the eyes of the world. All those who had contributed to the country’s progress since 1970 have felt ridiculed just by one stroke that branded all JNU students as anti-national, pushing them into the hands of goondas and anti-social elements. Arresting the JNUSU leader, that too from AISF, affiliated to CPI, which is least radical of all left parties in the country, makes it obvious that there is a dearth of understanding of JNU and its unique culture by some over-jealous elements.

Unprecedented but more than 400 academicians from all over the world issued a statement against the arrest of the student leader on Wednesday. No political leader in the country could have imagined to muster such an enormous and instant support, which showcases the pain of many scholars who were once students or visiting scholars in the picturesque JNU campus in its lifespan of 46 years. So, the country’s image has also taken a dip in turn. Imagine if this year’s Nobel Peace Prize goes to him! It would be much more humiliating than one could imagine.

Thanks to goons and perpetrators of new bashing culture in the country, JNU cannot revive from the shock it received on Friday, Monday and again on Wednesday. With one stroke, BJP and Delhi Police have buried JNU’s glorious past and its unique academic culture.

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