‘Jurassic World’ Mints $1Billion in Box Office, Surpasses ‘Furious 7’ Record, All Eyes on Japan Next

Jurassic_World_poster“Jurassic World” has crossed the $1 billion mark worldwide today, Monday, June 22 as expected in a short span of 13 days compared to “Furious 7” that took 17 days to accomplish the feat.

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, “Jurassic World” stars chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard among many dinosaurs and hundrds of extras making it a mammoth gathering for a single set scene. The record earning at the international box office is enormous with China alone contributing a whopping $167 million followed by the UK with $60 million and Mexico another $30 million.

“Jurassic World” has become the 22nd film to join the billion-dollar club. In 2015, it is the third film after “Furious 7” ($1.51 billion) and Marvel/Disney’s sequel “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ($1.37 billion) to mint more than a billion and is on its way to create another record, perhaps surpassing the previous highest grossers in Hollywood.

“Jurassic World” that has hit 4,291 screens around the world after 14 years was co-produced by the original maker Steven Spielberg. It was able to regain its market pulse even in the second week coinciding with the Father’s Day on June 21 that made the film a perfect for many fathers to go with their kids.

As of June 21, Second weekend, Jurassic world box office collections reached $981,330,000 leaving it slightly behind the $1 billion mark that was reached when Asian markets opened on Monday for another run at the movie, taking it beyond the milestone.

More than the US market that grossed $398,230,000 or 41% of the total collections, the film did extremely well in foreign markets, especially in Asia and Europe with $583,100, accounting for 59% of the total collections.

“Jurassic World” has also surpassed its own franchise film “Jurassic Park” record. “Jurassic Park” released in 1993 became the 17th film to surpass $1.03 billion, followed by its sequel “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” released in 1997 but failing to cross the one billion club with only $618.6 million.

The third in the franchise, “Jurassic Park III” was released in 2001 but the box office collections almost remained at half the mark of $368.8 million, leaving producers wondering whether a fourth sequel quickly is sensible. However, 14 years after, the film’s next franchise was out to wreak havoc on the box office reaching $1 billion, that too in a record shortest span of 13 days.

Still, the film hasn’t run its full potential as the next big traditional market, Japan, is yet to open up to it. Once it is released with dubbed and sub-titled version in Japanese, the real figures will add up to make how far the film will go in its run on box office.

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