John Travolta says considering role offer in Hindi film ‘Paani’ by Shekhar Kapur

iifaMove over from IIFA 2014 to see the outcome, which is fusion of Hollywood and Bollywood and obviously the ambassador of the theme is John Travolta, who was the star attraction at the show in Florida that concluded on Saturday night.

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh was quick to tweet the news that Shekhar Kapoor has offered the Hollywood actor a key role in his forthcoming film “Paani”.

Soon Taran Adarsh has also informed his readers that John Travolta has watched a couple of Bollywood movies — Krrish3, 3Idiots, and Lagaan. He “Loved the opening track of RamLeela,” said the tweet.


The 15th edition of IIFA awards featured Hollywood actor John Travolta dancing with Priyanka Chopra and Kevin spacey. It has honoured the two time Academy Aaward nominee and two time Golden Globe winner with a special award – The most popular all time international star — at the IIFA weekend.

Now that Shekhar Kapoor has offered him role in his long-delayed film “Paani” for some unknown reason, his reply was quite natural. “Yes I hope I don’t get that wrong, I have been offered a film that I am considering doing, I believe it’s an honest Bollywood film and it’s called Pani, by Shekhar Kapoor, he’s asked me to be a part of it I don’t know. Even though the script does not have it, Shekhar said he’l put a song, to make it truly Bollywood”, the actor told the media.

Meanwhile the actor told the Bollywood colleagues at the show that he is very much aware of the Mumbai film world. “I love Shekhar Kapoor, I’ve met Aamir Khan 5 years ago in Mumbai I was a fan of his before… I love the girl in Ram-Leela, she is a amazing, she’s great.”

His knowledge of the Bollywood is quite awesome. “I liked slumdog which wasn’t a Bollywood film but somewhat reflects India, I recently saw the Romeo and Juliet one, Ram- Leela in that the first musical number was wow, so I find the Hindi films very original and full of life, it captures your attention unlike any other film and it has a universal theme so yes I am a big fan of Hindi films”, he said.

On Priyanka Chopra’s video with Pitbull, he remarked: “The video that was recently done “exotic” was beautiful, Priyanka and Pitbull was amazing, that exemplified what should be, I’ve always felt acting and song and dance should go in sync, I’ve always been more satisfied doing both and I feel the bollywood influence should be more because musicals in Hollywood are sporadic, they’re rare the 50s and 60s had more, there’s a scarcity, I wish people get more excited about muscials.”

Now that Travlota is seriously considering roles in Bollywood, hopefully better roles should be offered to the versatile actor, who was inspiration for the 70s and 80s generation.

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